What is Klipit?
Klipit is an online clipboard. You can paste data to your unique online clipboard and access it on any other device by simply typing in the link of your clipboard or by scanning the QR code.

What is an online clipboard?
Whenever you copy something on your computer or phone or tablet, the copied data is saved on a clipboard on your device. An online clipboard is a clipboard which is online, on the internet.

Why should I use Klipit?
If you quickly need to share some data between devices, you can paste it on Klipit. Say you want to send some text from your mobile to your computer, copy and paste the text in Klipit on your mobile, and save it. Then on your computer, type the link of the clipboard in the browser and voila, you will find your data on the computer browser. If you want to send some data from your computer to your mobile, paste it in Klipit on your computer browser and scan the QR code of the clipboard with your phone and open the clipboard in your phone browser.

What about the security of the data on the clipboard?
Every clipboard has a unique handle, and it can be accessed only via that handle. It is difficult for someone to find your clipboard by randomly typing the handle. If you are sharing some sensitive data, you should clear the clipboard after you have shared the data. We automatically clear the clipboard data after 24 hours.

Can I paste files in the clipboard?
With Klipit Pro you can.

I have a cool new feature idea for Klipit, can you implement that?
Let us know your suggestions/feedback here.